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Sealy and Hooley’s Commercial Law: Text, Cases, and Materials

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Author: David Fox, Roderick Munday, Baris Soyer, Andrew Tettenborn, and Peter Turner

Publication Date: 13 July 2020

ISBN: 9780198842149

Pages: 1,136

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions: 246x189mm

Sealy and Hooley’s Commercial Law: Text, Cases and Materials provides students with an extensive and valuable range of extracts from key cases and writings in this incredibly dynamic field of law. The authors’ expert commentary and questions enliven each topic and emphasize the practical application of the law in its business context.

✔️Five renowned experts in the field continue the legacy of Richard Hooley and Len Sealy, capturing the essence of this fascinating topic at a time of significant legislative, regulatory, and political change

✔️The text’s clear structure helps students make connections across the different areas of commercial law

✔️Detailed explanatory text encourages readers to engage critically with the material, leading to a deeper understanding of the issues involved

✔️The inclusion of European and US examples ensures that students are presented with a comparative context in which to develop their understanding of the subject

✔️In-chapter reflective questions encourage students to monitor their progress and test their knowledge

Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support

New to this edition

✔️This edition covers all of the important new cases in commercial law, including Kaefer Aislamientos SA de CV v AMS Drilling Mexico SA [2019], Volcafe Ltd v Cia Sud Americana de Vapores SA [2019], and Euro-Asian Oil SA v Crédit Suisse AG [2019]

✔️New legislation, including the Business Contracts Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2018, are also covered

✔️The clarifications surrounding the Insurance Act 2015 are also covered

Table of Contents

1: Introduction

1:An introduction to commercial law

2:Basic concepts of personal property


2: The Law of Agency


5:Creation of agency and the authority of the agent

6:Relations with third parties

7:Relations between principal and agent

3: Domestic Sales Law

8:Introduction and definitions

9:Passing of the property in the goods as between seller and buyer

10:Transfer of title

11:Seller’s obligations as to quality

12:Performance of the contract

13:Remedies of the seller

14:Remedies of the buyer

4: International Sales

15:International sales

5: Payment Methods

16:Modern payment systems

17:Payment cards

18:Negotiable instruments

19:Bills of exchange

20:Cheques and other instruments

6: The Financing of International Trade

21:The financing of international trade

22:Assignment of choses in action

23:Receivable financing

7: Commercial Credit and Security


25:Possessory security

26:Non-possessory security

8: Principles of Insurance Law


9: Insolvency Law


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