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Oxford Legal Skills Eighth Edition by Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski

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The best-selling legal skills textbook in the market, Legal Skills is the essential guide for law students, encompassing all the academic and practical skills in one manageable volume.

-Equips students with all the skills they need from finding and using cases at the start of their degree through to final year exams and dissertations

-Self-test questions and practical activities throughout give students the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to tackling a wide range of legal skills

-Diagrams, screenshots and examples used throughout to illustrate key concepts

-Accompanied by comprehensive online resources which include an extensive range of videos, multiple choice questions and answers to the self-test questions and practical exercises from the book

-Also available as an e-book enhanced with self-assessment activities and multi-media content to offer a fully immersive experience and extra learning support

New to this edition

-Expanded explanation of neutral citations and case referencing conventions

-New table of commonly encountered Latin and ‘Law French’ terms

-Expanded coverage of creating a bibliography in OSCOLA together with some practical tips on compiling the bibliography entries from footnote references.

-Revised example moot problem, further guidance on courtroom etiquette, and forms of address

-Expanded coverage of reflective learning and self-evaluation together with more detail on understanding grade descriptors

-Completely rewritten chapter on revision and exams to reflect the increased use of takehome exams and multiple-choice tests

-Updated throughout to reflect the shift to hybrid and remote learning covering online and recorded lectures, online tutorials, study habits, group working

-Updated examples and screenshots incorporated throughout chapters on finding legislation, finding cases, and finding secondary sources

-Updated commentary on the progress of Brexit, the operation of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (as amended), and the impact of the UKs withdrawal from the EU on the operation of the doctrine of precedent

Table of Contents


PART I: Getting Started: Sources of Law

1:Getting started


3:Finding legislation

4:Using legislation

5:Case law

6:Finding cases

7:Using cases

8:Books, journals, and official publications

9:Finding books, journals, and official publications

PART II: Academic Legal Skills



12:Legal reasoning and ethics

13:Referencing and avoiding plagiarism

14:Essay writing

15:Answering problem questions

16:Revision and examination skills

17: Dissertations

PART III: Practical Legal Skills

18:Presentation skills

19:Mooting skills

20:Negotiation skills

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