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NEW Cambridge Lower Secondary English Workbook with Digital Access Stage 7 (1 Year)


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Format:Print/online bundle

Subject(s):First Language English

Qualification:Cambridge Lower Secondary

Author(s):Graham Elsdon, Esther Menon

Available from: 2021

Learners ISBN: Stage 7: 9781108746588

Stage 8: 9781108746632

Stage 9: 9781108746663

Workbook ISBN: Stage 7: 9781108746625

Stage 8: 9781108746656

Stage 9: 9781108746694

You will develop your English skills as you discover contemporary fiction, write about urban pollution and discuss autobiographies. Youll find a wide range of international fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama throughout the book to help you develop your understanding of different genres and text types. Each unit is packed with activities that cover reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as opportunities to develop 21st century skills such as collaboration and critical thinking. Units end with a project, like conducting a class debate, to help you communicate confidently and understand how to apply your learning to real-world scenarios.

With varied activities including quizzes, completing sentences and identifying words these workbooks help you practise what you have learnt. Focus, Practice and Challenge exercises provide clear progression through each topic, helping you see what youve achieved. Ideal for use in the classroom or for homework. Links to ‘Language focus’ boxes in the Learner’s Book provide more grammar practice.

Table of Contents:

—Stage 7—

1. Adventure

2. Hey, You Down There!

3. Film and fame, 4. Small but perfect, 5. Unusual education

6. Life stories

7. The Travel Agency, 8. In the city

9. Dangers of the sea

—Stage 8—

1. Nature and humans

2. Grandmother’s Song

3. Strange islands

4. This is the modern world

5. Heroes

6. Monsters

7. The Plantation

8. Choices and decisions

9. Endings

—Stage 9—

1. Going underground

2. Law and order

3. The Speckled Band

4. Time

5. That’s entertainment

6. A sense of place

7. The journey within

8. Different lives

9. Strange and unusual.

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