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Measurements Devices


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ISBN : 9789672605171

Author: Nor Azura Binti Osman & Khetijah Binti Samat & Munirah Binti Md Nujid

Language: English

Pages: 188pp

This book is specially written for diploma-level Electrical and Electronics Engineering students of the local polytechnic institutions. It is designed in line with the latest syllabus of the measurements course for Malaysian polytechnics. The fundamentals of the operation, performance, applications and limitations of both digital and analogue instruments used in an electronics laboratory are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The book starts off with an introduction to measurements and errors in measurements. It then moves on to discuss the various measurement instruments- DC and AC meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes and signal generators, and DC bridges.

Key Features

✔️ Based on the measurements course syllabus of the local polytechnics

✔️ Ample examples and suitable figures which enhance learning.

✔️ End-of-Chapter questions to evaluate students’ understanding of various topics

✔️ Concise summary to enable quick revision on important concepts and learned principles

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