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Financial Accounting For Non-Accounting Students

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‘———————-LATEST 7th Edition for year 2023 ————————

ISBN: 9789670761565

Author: Fatimah Abd Rauf, Amla Abu, Radziah Mahmud

This book is designed mainly for non-accounting students and those who need a clear understanding of basic financial accounting. -mbs- This book provides a brief description of the qualitative characteristics of financial statements -mbs- set out in the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. It explains -mbs- the process of classifying, recording and summarising of business transactions. Students -mbs- are shown the steps taken to classify and record transactions in the relevant journal and ledger accounts. They are also thought -mbs- to summarise the information in the trail balance and prepare the financial statements. Examples are given to ilustrate the applications of the concepts and principles in order to enhance understanding of the topics covered. Finally, at the end of each chapter -mbs-, there is a glossary which explains the terms used as well as questions for students to practise.


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