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Introduction to the English Legal System 2019-2020 (14th Edition) Oxford University Press

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Publication Date 2019/07

Publisher Oxford Univ Pr (GB)

ISBN 9780198838838

Size/Pages 336p

Introduction to the English Legal System is the ideal foundation for those coming new to the study of law. Writing in a highly engaging and accessible style, Martin Partington introduces the purposes and functions of English law, the law-making process, and the machinery of justice, while also challenging assumptions and exploring current debates. Consolidating over 40 years’ experience in the law, Martin Partington examines beliefs about the English legal system, and encourages students to question how far it meets the growing demands placed on it. Incorporating all the latest developments, this concise introduction brings law and the legal system to life.

The book has been fully updated to consider the latest developments in the English legal system. The underlying theme is transformation. The criminal (Chapter 5), the administrative (Chapter 6), the family (Chapter 7), and the civil and commercial (Chapter 8) justice systems are all engaged in a process of change designed to enable them to operate more efficiently; this involves major investment in the use of IT to deliver court and tribunal services. Developments in the ways in which the legal profession is regulated are also discussed (Chapter 9), and the results of enquiries designed to control the cost of litigating are considered (Chapter 10). Progress with Brexit is noted, although its final form and its impact on the English legal system are not yet known (Chapter 3). The book starts by introducing themes and structure, after which Part II looks at law, society, and authority and considers the purpose and functions of law. Part III examines the institutional framework and looks into the role of government, the criminal justice system, the administrative justice system, the family justice system, and the civil and commercial justice systems; Part IV describes the delivery and funding of legal services; and Part V offers a final reflection on the process of transformation and the challenges it should address.

Table of Contents:

Front Matter

About the author

New to this edition

Preface to the 20192020 edition

Guide to the Online Resources

List of boxes and diagrams

Table of Cases

Table of Legislation

Part I Introduction

1. Aims, themes, and structure

Part II Law, society, and authority

2. Law and society: the purposes and functions of law

3. Law-making: authority and process

Part III The structure of the legal system

4. Shaping the legal system: the role of government

5. The criminal justice system

6. The administrative justice system

7. The family justice system

8. The civil and commercial justice systems

Part IV The delivery and funding of legal services

9. Delivering legal services: practitioners, adjudicators, and legal scholars

10. Funding legal services

Part V Conclusion

11. The transformation of the English legal system: pressures and challenges

End Matter


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