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ENGLISH Post-Secondary MUET (Freemind Horizons) ISBN:9789672590231


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ENGLISH Post-Secondary is written primarily for students and teachers in Form6, Matriculation and IPGM Preparatory Programmes to implement teaching and learning for each skill area, intending to improve the quality of English language among the post-secondary students and undergraduates

This book is a credible source with an array of activites that will provide students with plenty of practices so that they can be competent users of the language. It also covers learning standards and practical approaches to teaching and learning the four skill areas [Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing] based on the Post-Secondary English Language Curriculum Framework [PSELCF] which makes it unique and different from other MUET books. Each chapter is clearly outlined with a range of themes and topics equipping the students with practical knowledge as well as preparing them for MUET.

Key Features

  • Integrated Skills
  • Guide & Practices
  • Model Test
  • QR Codes for Listening

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