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Discovering Mathematics: Student Book 1C

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Author Victor Chow, UK Consultant Robert Wilne, and Singapore Consultant Berinderjeet Kaur

Suitable for:  Key Stage 3 / lower secondary mathematics students in UK schools, and international schools following the National Curriculum

ISBN: 9780198421702

Publication date: 10/05/2018

Paperback: 368 pages

Dimensions: 276x219mm

This Student Book is for Higher tier students in Year 7. It has been adapted from the leading Singapore course to fully match the English Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. Rigorously reviewed by experienced UK and Singapore educators, it harnesses authentic Singaporean mastery values and embeds a growth mindset that everyone can succeed at maths.


– Carefully adapted for the KS3 National Curriculum and rigorously reviewed by experienced UK mastery teachers to ensure it works in the UK classroom.

– Includes learning objectives within each chapter opening, alongside an everyday example of the content to encourage real-life application of maths.

– Aids students’ transition to Year 7 through ‘Flashback’ sections and ‘Recall’ boxes which provide a reminder of what was covered in primary years.

– Class activities offer a whole-class introduction to topics, with examples of how to teach using a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach.

– Incorporates worked examples to give students clear steps of how to present solutions, with hints and discussion points to encourage paired, group and whole-class working.

– Identifies problem-solving opportunities throughout exercises, with two separate problem-solving sections to further encourage skills development.

– Consolidates learning through levelled practice exercises, progressing from basic fluency to application to problem solving, and through end-of-chapter review exercises.

– Encourages students to reflect upon and embed their learning through a ‘Write in Your Journal’ feature at the end of each chapter.

– Features short answers in the back of the book to quickly resolve misconceptions, with fully-worked solutions containing GCSE grades in the Teacher Guide.

– Provides progression and practice for Higher tier students, and is supported by a Workbook, Teacher Guide, Graded Question Bank, and Kerboodle digital resources.

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