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Oxford Russian Dictionary

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The fourth edition of theOxford Russian Dictionaryis an invaluable text for any serious student of Russian, or any Russian native speaker learning English.

This edition also contains many enhancements, including new supplementary material with a correspondence section, grammar help, and extra sections on the pronunciation of Russian and English.

The text has also been updated with hundreds of new words – in both the English and Russian sides of the dictionary – especially important given changes in language and culture over the last few years. These new words mean that theOxford Russian Dictionarycontinues to be the leader in its field as the most comprehensive, up-to-date Russian dictionary available.

The dictionary is also more accessible for Russian speakers, with the addition of contextualizations on the Russian-English side to help users select the most appropriate translation. There is an extensive guide to English grammar, written in Russian, and the Russian native speaker who wishes to use or understand American English is well catered for.

Key Features

  • More than 500,000 words, phrases, and translations
  • Includes hundreds of new words, in both Russian and English
  • Extensive treatment of Russian declension and conjugations
  • The most comprehensive and up to date Russian dictionary available – the market leader

New to this Edition:

  • Cultural notes elucidate aspects of Russian life
  • Detailed coverage of the latest vocabulary in Russian and English, including business, specialist, and computing terminology
  • Correspondence section with sample letters, CVs, and guidance on text messaging

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