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Oxford Chinese Dictionary

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By far the largest and most up-to-date single-volume English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary available and endorsed by academics worldwide, theOxford Chinese Dictionaryhas been designed both for English speakers learning Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin Chinese speakers learning English. It has been produced using the latest lexicographic methods and the unique dictionary resources of Oxford University Press in Oxford and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in Beijing, together with an international body of expert advisors.

Key Features

  • The largest and most authoritative Mandarin Chinese bilingual dictionary available, with over 300,000 words and phrases and 370,000 translations
  • Produced in association with Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press (FLTRP), using the latest lexicographic methods to ensure accurate translations and usage information
  • Designed and compiled for use by both English and Chinese native speakers
  • Clear and accessible layout with Simplified Chinese characters and lookup in Chinese made easy by Pinyin and radical indexes
  • Extensive practical support for students and those working in Chinese or English, including example letters and emails and guides to telephoning and text messaging

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