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Oxford Atkins’ Physical Chemistry 10th Edition by Atkins, Peter / De Paula, Julio

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Atkins’ Physical Chemistry is widely acknowledged by students and lecturers alike around the globe to be the textbook of choice for studying physical chemistry. Now in its tenth edition, the text has been enhanced with additional learning features and maths support, and has been radically restructured into short focussed topics.

The exceptional quality of previous editions has been built upon to make the tenth edition of Atkins’ Physical Chemistry even more closely suited to the needs of both lecturers and students. Material within chapters has been radically reorganised into discrete topics, to give the text an inviting modular feel. This restructuring increases the digestibility of the text for students, while making it more flexible for lecturers to teach from.

The extensive learning support provided throughout the book now includes new checklists of key concepts at the end of each topic, to reinforce the main take-home messages in each section. The mathematics support for students has also been significantly expanded, with the addition of new Chemist’s toolkit boxes, which provide useful reminders of essential mathematical concepts and techniques.

The coupling of the broad coverage of the subject with a structure and use of pedagogy that is even more innovative will ensure Atkins’ Physical Chemistry remains the textbook of choice for studying physical chemistry.

Online Resource Centre

The Online Resource Centre to accompany Atkins’ Physical Chemistry features:

For registered adopters of the book:

* Figures and tables from the book, in ready to download format

* Tables of editable key equations

* Instructor’s Solutions Manual

For students:

* Web links to a range of additional physical chemistry resources on the internet

* Group theory tables, available for downloading

* Living graphs

* Molecular modelling problems

* Impact sections linked to via QR codes in the text

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