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NEW Cambridge IGCSE ICT Practical Skills Workbook with Digital Access (2 years)


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This workbook supplements the coursebook, strengthening your learners practical skills by providing additional practical tasks, worked examples and key words, as well as a wealth of source files. Our research informs us that teachers want activities to reach students of all levels of understanding, particularly when it comes to practical skills. A three-tiered approach to practical tasks throughout our workbook develops fundamental skills with Getting started and Practice tasks, and stretches more confident students with Challenge tasks, for use at home or in class. Answers are accessible to teachers for free on the Cambridge GO platform.

Key Features

  • Getting started, Practice and Challenge tasks throughout provide a tiered approach to practical tasks, building foundational skills and challenging more confident students
  • Source files for practical tasks are downloadable from the ‘supporting resources’ area of Cambridge GO, giving students the resources they need to practise in-class or at home
  • Worked examples throughout help student develop self-evaluation skills and understand what a good answer looks like
  • Access all your Cambridge GO resources anytime, anywhere and create your own collection in My Resources

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