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NEW Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Computer Science Coursebook with Digital Access (2 years)


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Build upon the fundamentals of computational thinking and programming with this coursebook, developed to support teachers and students through the Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Computer Science syllabuses (0478/0984/2210). Bring computer science to life through real-life contexts and applications, including a new Introduction to programming scenarios chapter and case studies from Microsoft Research. A three-tiered approach to programming tasks across the coursebook develops both skills and confidence for students of all levels of understanding. Teachers can access answers for free on the Cambridge GO platform.

Key Features

  • Case studies from Microsoft Research demonstrate how computer science can be applied in real-life scenarios
  • Computer science in context feature connects students to real-life scenarios and technology
  • Introduction to studying Computer Science chapter supports students with limited prior learning, helping them get up to speed with the key concepts
  • Skills focus sections develop students mathematical, computational thinking and programming knowledge, including step-by-step examples and questions
  • New Self-evaluation checklists and peer assessment features encourage students to reflect on their own progress and learn from one another
  • New Introduction to programming scenarios chapter helps prepare students for this new area of the syllabus
  • A wealth of new exam-style questions in every chapter provides students with exam preparation activities throughout the course
  • Access all your Cambridge GO resources anytime, anywhere and create your own collection in My Resources

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