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Little Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

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This combined dictionary and thesaurus is the smallest hardback in the Oxford range. TheLittle Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurusis a convenient, compact, and portable reference book to help with studies or to solve everyday language problems and puzzles, wherever you are.

This second edition features a brand new layout. The thesaurus entry for a word sits directly alongside the dictionary entry so that you do not have to hunt around the page to find the word you are looking for.

A new centre section gives encyclopedic information such as lists of countries and capitals, rivers and lakes, kings, queens, and prime ministers, as well as collective nouns, helping you to broaden your knowledge.

Packed with help and information, theLittle Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurusis the ideal small reference book for home, school, or work.

Key Features

  • A dictionary and thesaurus in a handy-sized, small hardback, providing quick reference help whenever you need it
  • Over 40,000 words, phrases, and definitions, and over 65,000 synonyms
  • New centre section with encyclopedic information including lists of countries, capitals, prime ministers and more, as well as collective nouns
  • Newly integrated text allows you to find meanings and synonyms quickly and easily

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