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Elements of Physical Chemistry International Edition (Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula)

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Author: Peter Atkins & Julio De Paula

ISBN: 9780198796350

Publication date: 21/07/2017

Pages: 656 pages / 265.0×195.0mm

The ideal course companion, Elements of Physical Chemistry is written specifically with the needs of undergraduate students in mind, and provides extensive mathematical and pedagogical support while remaining concise and accessible.

The International Edition organizes the material into short Topics, which are grouped into thematic Focuses to make the text digestible for students, and flexible for lecturers to teach from. At the beginning of each Topic, three questions are posed, emphasizing why it is important, what the key idea is, and what the student should already know.

Table of contents

1. The properties of gases

2. Thermodynamics: the First Law

3. Thermodynamics: the Second Law

4. Physical change

5. Chemical change

6. The rates of reactions

7. Quantum theory

8. The structure of atoms

9. The structure of molecules

10. Molecular interactions

11. Macromolecules and aggregates

12. Solids

13. Molecular spectroscopy

14. Magnetic resonance

15. Statistical thermodynamics

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