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Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Stage 9 Learner’s Skills Book

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ISBN: 9781108790567
Format: Paperback
Subject(s): Global Perspectives
Qualification: Cambridge Lower Secondary
Author(s): Keely Laycock
Available from: October 2020


This Stage 9 learner?s skills book helps students develop key 21st century skills, including research, analysis and more. Written by experienced teacher and author, Keely Laycock, learners are encouraged to reflect on your chosen topics ? such as sport and recreation or language and communication? at a personal, national and global level. This series enables students to develop skills for their future in a scaffolded and measurable way, and has been produced with feedback from teachers and students all around the world. The final chapter in this book is dedicated to the planning and writing of the Research Report.

Key Features

  • A chapter dedicated to guiding students through the planning and writing of the Research Report
  • A large collection of collaborative and independent activities engages students and makes learning visible in the classroom.
  • Peer assessment opportunities help improve collaboration and reflection.
  • Self-assessment opportunities for every skill allow students to see how they?ve progressed.
  • Questions drive student thinking and surface understanding ? such as, ?what do you think has helped you develop your research skills in this lesson??
  • Five sections develop key skills for research, analysis, evaluation, reflection and communication, progressing from ?Starting with? through to ?Developing? and ?Getting better at?.
  • Clear learning goals at the start of every section highlight the assessment objectives

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