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Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Stage 7 Learner’s Skills Book

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ISBN: 9781108790512

Format: Paperback

Subject(s):Global Perspectives

Qualification: Cambridge Lower Secondary

Author(s):Keely Laycock

Available from: February 2020

This learner’s skills book for Stage 7 has been created to help students develop key 21st century skills. Written by experienced teacher and author, Keely Laycock, students are encouraged to reflect on topics at a personal, national and global level, while developing skills for their future in a scaffolded and measurable way. Produced with feedback from teachers and students all around the world, teachers will benefit from a flexible resource that they can tailor to their classroom needs.


Key Features

  • A large collection of collaborative and independent activities engages students and makes learning visible in the classroom.
  • Peer assessment opportunities help improve collaboration and reflection.
  • Self-assessment opportunities for every skill allows students to look back and see how they?ve progressed.
  • Questions drive student thinking and surface understanding ? such as ?what do you think the term ?research? means?? and ?write down what you found difficult last lesson and one way that you can overcome this difficulty?.
  • Six sections develop key skills for evaluation, reflection, analysis, research, collaboration and communication.
  • Clear learning goals at the start of every section highlight the assessment objectives.
  • Tried and tested activities used in classrooms around the world are also included.



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