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Cambridge IGCSE? Mandarin Workbook


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ISBN: 9781108738910

Format: Paperback

Subject(s): Mandarin

Qualification: Cambridge IGCSE

Author(s): Martin Mak, Xixia Wang, Ivy Liu So Ling

Available from: May 2020

Written by current teachers, this workbook helps students further develop the skills acquired through the course. Practical exercises expand and enhance the materials in the coursebook, supporting students through the Cambridge IGCSE? Mandarin series.

Key Features

??Practical exercises expand on concepts taught in the relevant units of the coursebook.

??Suitable for homework or classwork material.

??Offers additional support to students that want to further develop their language skills.

??All materials predominantly in Mandarin with some English used to support teachers and students.

Table Of Contents

Unit A. Everyday activities: 1. Greetings and introductions

2. Family and pets

3. Everyday life

4. Hobbies

5 Eating and drinking

Unit B. Personal and social life: 6. Health and fitness

7. Home life

8. Clothes

9. Shopping

10. Living environment

11. School routine

12. School facilities

Unit C. The world around us

13. Weather and climate

14. Transportation

15. Holidays Travel experiences

16. Holidays: Planning a trip

17. Public services and customs

Unit D. The world of work: 18. Work experience

19. Applying for a job

20. Future education and career plans

Unit E: International world: 21. Interviewing Chinese celebrities

22. Technology and social media

23. Chinese festivals

24. Learning Chinese as a foreign language

25. Saving the planet.

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