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Cambridge IGCSE Complete ICT: Student Book (Third Edition)


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The Cambridge IGCSE Complete ICT Student Book offers a flexible, visual, and practice-based approach that helps to build students’ confidence step by step and ensure they reach their full potential in IGCSE ICT.


  • Fully matched to the Cambridge IGCSE (0417) ICT syllabus, for first teaching 2021
  • Covers syllabus Unit 1 and 2 with clarity, so students can excel in exams without being overwhelmed
  • Includes software-specific instructions within the practical Unit 2 to fully support students
  • Written by Stephen Doyle, the author of the previous trusted edition, and sustains that quality with improvements
  • Supporting Teacher Handbook offers full lesson planning support
  • Supporting Exam Success Guide offers targeted activities, examiner feedback and tips

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